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ZB6213*12/7Y Drilling machine for auto parts (transmission rear cover)
Case Study
Hole Diameter:φ9mm
Number of holes:4
Hole depth:30mm
Workpiece:Auto parts (transmission rear cover)
Material:Cast iron
Processing time:30s
Release Date:2017-05-24


After processing

Using Model ZB6213*12/7Y Tarwit multiple spindle drilling machine to drill the auto parts (transmission rear cover), the drilling procedure of the 7 holes can be finished within 30 seconds, it will improves your processing efficiency greatly.

Workpiece name:  Auto parts (transmission rear cover)

Diameter of Holes: φ9 mm

Number of Holes: 7    

Drill Time: 30 seconds

Depth of holes: 13.5mm

Machine Model: ZB6213*12/7Y

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