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  • QK61213X60
  • QK61213X60
  • QK61213X60

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Machine features
QK61213 multistation drilling and tapping machine,with CNC control,high precision,easy operate.This machine has good performance in drilling many holes in three surfaces automatically,just need one time work-holding.It's so efficiency.
Machine parameters
Technical Parameter Value
Net weight 8500kg
Min center distance Drilling:30mm Tapping:30mm
Max No. Of Spindle Drilling:30pcs Tapping:30pcs
Drilling Capacity Drilling:φ3-φ16mm Tapping:M5-M16mm
Drilling Area Drilling:170X290mm Tapping:170x290mm
Work table size Drilling:300x510mm Tapping:300x510mm
Main Motor Tapping: 3kw Drilling: 4kw
Size 4620X2160X2160mm
Speed Adjust Tapping: Servo adjustment Drilling: Frequency control
Drilling Capacity(hole size) Drilling:φ3~φ16 Tapping: M5~M16
Hydraulic pump motor Tapping: 1.5kw Drilling:0.75kw
Min Distance From Spindle Head Drilling:220mm Tapping:220mm
Maximum Spindle Travel 240
Spindle Rotary Speed Drilling: 540/840/1100r/min Tapping: 50~500r/min
Lubrication Motor Tapping: 0.09kw Drilling: 0.kw

  Processing Example                                                                                             

Machine ModelQK6213X60/32Y          Workpiece NamePump         Depth of holes:28mm

Diameter of Holes:8-M10  4-M12              Number of Holes12                      Processing Time140s

QK61213X60 NC horizontal multiple spindle drilling&tapping machine photo.png

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