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  • QK5213X24
  • QK5213X24
  • QK5213X24
  • QK5213X24

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Machine features
QK5213 numerical controlled vertical multiple spindle drilling and tapping machine is the latest machine model developed by Handa machinery company,use the new model servo motor,to get higher spindle speed,plus moveable worktable.Ensure high precision hole position and threads quality .You can set the thread Pitch on the touch screen control panel to meet the requirements of different standard.High efficient,easy to operate.
Machine parameters
Technical Parameter Value
Tapping capacity M3~M14
Net weight 2980kg
Min center distance 30mm
Max No. Of Spindle Drilling:12pcs Tapping:12pcs
Drilling Capacity φ3~φ13mm
Drilling Area 300X500mm
Work table size 300X230mm
Spindle Speed 350mm
Main Motor 5.5kw
Size 940X1108X2400mm
Hydraulic Motor 0.75kw
Min Distance From Spindle Head 120mm
Maximum Spindle Travel 300mm
Spindle Rotary Speed 0~1100r/min
Lubrication Motor 0.09kw

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 Processing Example                                                                                        

Machine ModelQK6213X24             Workpiece Name:Embroidery Machine Parts         Depth of holes:10mm

Diameter of Holes:φ4mm    M5               Number of Holes3                      Processing Time18s

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Multi Spindle Drilling and Tapping MachineVertical Drilling and Tapping MachineNC Multi Spindle Drilling and Tapping Machine